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Effm has Moved to www.effa.org.au so for all your need to know information please the new website!

A vision to inform and inspire people on environmental issues and has since grown into one of Melbourne’s most notable environmental social events. Showcasing a diverse range of the best environmental films from Australia and around the world and drawing large crowds from all over Victoria, EFFM has stitched its way into the diverse tapestry of Melbourne’s arts and cultural life.

Off the back of a range of incredible films, we encourage lively discussion and debate on environmental issues on social media, through expert panel discussions and over a post-film drink with patrons, filmmakers and panelists. By providing a better understanding of complex environmental issues, we hope to encourage people to make ongoing lifestyle choices that reduce their environmental impact.

Prepare to be entertained, prepare to be confronted, prepare to ponder, but most importantly of all, prepare to get involved and make a change. These films present serious problems, but often provide simple answers. Sometimes all it takes is a story with a bit of inspiration and if we can help provide that – well, our work here is done.

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